What is a D-ring?

What is a D ring?

A D ring is a ring shaped like the letter D.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

While researching the best way to hang my mirror, I found D rings are used in a multitude of ways and come in many different sizes and materials.

What does a D ring do?

  • Hang pictures: D rings (also known as “strap hangers”) can be used to hang pictures.
  • Horseback-riding: On some saddles, D rings are used  to hang things off the saddle.
  • Rope work: A type of carabiner shaped like a D is called a D ring. Generally, these are used in rope work like rope climbing, window cleaning, ballooning, sailing, etc.

How to hang a mirror with D rings?

D-rings can be used in a few ways to hang mirrors and pictures.

Here’s how I used 2 D rings to hang an IKEA Stockholm mirror without drilling or screwing into the mirror frame:

How t o hang a mirror with D-rings?

Here’s another way to install D rings on the back of your mirror. You’ll need to screw into the mirror frame with this approach.

What is a D ring made of?

D rings can be made of a variety of materials. The choice of materials depends on its application. Plastics like nylon could suffice for light-duty usage. For heavier duty usage, steel is used.

What are strap hangers?

Strap hanger is another term for D rings used to hang pictures, mirrors, etc. If you’re searching online for D rings to hang pictures, you’ll get better results searching for strap hangers.

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