Hacker Bits Cover, Issue 17

Hacker Bits, Issue 17

Welcome to issue 17 of Hacker Bits! June marks the half-way point in the year of 2017. What are you learning? How are you being more productive? What are you doing to stay current? We’ve got some feedback from y’all about JavaScript articles. Learning/improving are also common topics we’re hearing from you.

Hacker Bits, Cover Issue 16

Hacker Bits, Issue 16

Welcome to issue 16 of Hacker Bits! We have a diverse mix of topics this month ranging from: Microservices to Malware to Full stack web development to Resume Writing. As always, if there’s something you’d like to see in upcoming issues, please let us know!

Hacker Bits Cover, Issue 15

Hacker Bits, Issue 15

Welcome to issue 15 of Hacker Bits! April is a time of newness. How’s your 2017 going? We’d love to hear from you. :) Our 1st quarter at Hacker Bits is chugging along. Based on the response so far, you like the new email format! We’re super excited about it, too… keep letting us know what you think.

PWA app

PWA app: Are they the future of the Internet?

Is a PWA app the real deal? Or is it just another fad that’ll soon be forgotten? To find out, we chat with Henrik Joreteg, a PWA expert who’s been working with his clients to architect, build and train teams on building performant mobile web apps.

Hacker Bits, Issue 14 Cover

Hacker Bits, Issue 14

Welcome to issue 14 of Hacker Bits! You gave us feedback, and we’re making some adjustments to Hacker Bits. What we’re hearing is that the 3 key themes continue to be: Learning more, Working less, Staying current. Additionally, Hacker Bits will move towards an email magazine/newsletter format.

Hacker Bits, Issue 13

Hacker Bits, Issue 13

Happy 1-year anniversary! When we launched a year ago, not in our wildest dreams did we expect such a warm response from our readers and contributors. Thank you to all of you who have made Hacker Bits possible! In this issue’s most highly-upvoted article, Joel Spolsky tells us all about developers’ side projects and its common pitfalls.

Hacker Bits Cover, Issue 12

Hacker Bits, Issue 12

In this issue’s most highly-upvoted article, Amir Yasin shows us how to hire the best candidate for the job with 2 innovative ideas. Jason Kester also shows us how a boring stack can lead one to developer joy. Also, look no further than Davide Coppola’s handy tutorial on how to contribute to an open source project on GitHub.

Hacker Bits Cover, Issue 11

Hacker Bits, Issue 11

In this issue, Brian Gilham recounts a delightful anecdote about the importance of being kind. Bill Cruise gives us the lowdown on books programmers read, and ones that they claim to have read. Checkout what veteran software engineer Ben Northrop has to say about being an “old” programmer.

Hacker Bits Cover, November 2016

Hacker Bits, Nov 2016

What if working less actually increases productivity? Itamar Turner-Trauring makes the case for working less in this month’s most highly-upvoted article. If you’ve ever been told that your age makes you a “poor cultural fit” for a company, then don’t miss IT veteran Tim Bray’s insightful article on Silicon Valley’s rampant ageism.

Hacker Bits Cover, October 2016

Hacker Bits, Oct 2016

We are simplifying the design of the magazine with single columns for easy reading and scrolling. Our eventual goal is to automate the generation of the magazine so that we can speed up the delivery of information to our users.

In this month’s most highly-voted article on web scraping, Francis Kim dives this controversial technology and a report on the state of web scraping in 2016.