What is Skywire?

Skywire is the technological breakthrough that will change how we interact with the internet. Some altcoins aim to offer similar functionality yet they are not bringing with it dedicated hardware for the purpose.

Skywire miners

Piggybacking on the back of current technology isn't creating a real decentralized mesh.

Skywire miners perform a similar task to BTC miners yet rather than consuming vast amounts of energy to conduct the transactions that are choking the network, the miners on this mesh-network improve connectivity and are paid for providing forwarding and bandwidth.

No ISP's?

The beauty of the Skywire-mesh is that it is not reliant on current infrastructure. The mining rigs are all connected together and provide the access while consuming much less power. It offers a truly decentralized mesh network that is highly secure and anonymous for the users.

Skycoin transactions

As you might have noticed the SKY coins have no mining associated with them. This in itself brings many benefits. Every transaction is free and fast.

As all communications are open source and full peer to peer, there will be no mining pools that can influence the SKY coin in any way. No 51% attacks can be performed, and all transactions are anonymous.

At present BTC transaction charges are shooting through the roof where users are paying for their transaction to be processed first.

This makes the whole concept a mockery when it is compared to no-charge transactions from SKY where no coins are mined, so there is no backlog or contention.

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Henry Benjamin

Henry Benjamin is an online privacy and security advocate. Henry is very active in the cryptocurrency and blockchain community and currently works with the Skycoin Team. Outside of writing he enjoys surfing and spending time with his friends and family.

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