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How to scan a book in 3 steps

Today, I'm  going to show you how to scan your very own eBook in 3 steps.

Step 1:  Capture the book content

You will need 6 basic materials to capture the book content: camera, camera tripod, glass, shoebox, light and the book. Read my detailed article about capturing the book content.

Step 2: Pre-process the captured content using Scan Tailor

Only 2 items are needed to pre-process the captured book content  from step 1: Scan Tailor and book image files. Read my detailed article about pre-processing the captured content using Scan Tailor.

Step 3: Use ABBYY for OCR to produce an eBook

3 items are needed to produce an eBook  using the *.tiff files from step 2: ABBYY FineReader 11, TIFF Image Files and Calibre. Read my detailed article about using ABBYY to produce an eBook.

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