Visual Studio integration with p4merge

Integrating Perforce's p4merge with Visual Studio can be a bit tricky, but it doesn't have to be! Using a couple of pre-written batch files and Visual Studio configurations, you'll be up-and-running in no time.

Step 1: Copy the following batch files to your c:\Program Files\Perforce directory.

Step 2: In Visual Studio, navigate to the Configure User Tools dialog.

  • Launch Visual Studio.
  • Go to Tools > Options... > Source Control > Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
  • Click on Configure User Tools.


Step 3: Click Add.

  • You'll need to do this Add step twice.
  • ...once to configure p4merge for file compare.
  • ...and a second time to configure p4merge for file merge.


Step 4: Configure Visual Studio to use p4diff.bat for file compare.

  • In the Configure Tool dialog, enter the following details.
  • Extension: .*
  • Operation: Compare
  • Command: C:\Program Files\Perforce\p4diff.bat
  • Arguments: %1 %2 "x" "x" "x" %6 %7


Step 5: Configure Visual Studio to use p4merge.bat for file merging.

  • In the Configure Tool dialog, enter the following details.
  • Extension: .*
  • Operation: Merge
  • Command: C:\Program Files\Perforce\p4merge.bat
  • Arguments: %1 %2 %3 %4 "x" %6 %7 %8 %9



After saving all your changes, you're all set.

The next time you do a file compare or file merge operation in Visual Studio, p4merge will be launched.

The file merge operation uses 3-way merge. The left-most pane is the file on the server, the middle pane is the version you had before you made any modifications and the right-most pane is your modified version of the file. The bottom pane is the merged result of the 3-way merge.


Using P4Merge with Visual Studio 2008 and TFS

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