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Quicktime to AVI converter for free

Need to convert your Quicktime mov file to the AVI format?

There's a free and fast way to do it. 

All you need is a ffmpeg and the parameters and you're all set to go!

Step 1

Make a directory called temp. Let's put it on the Desktop.

Step 2

Put the Quicktime movie you'd like to convert in the new temp directory.

Step 3

Download a 32-bit version of ffmpeg from here: Decompress the 7z file. You may need to download and install 7-zip if you don't already have it: The result should look something like this:

Temp Dir

Step 4

Open a command prompt by navigating to Start Menu > Run.

Start Menu Run

Step 5

Type cmd and press Enter.

Run Dialog

Step 6

cd to the temp directory on the Desktop.

Step 7

Run the ffmpegcommand replacing with your movie file and replace quicktime.avi with your desired output file:

Here is an example:

cmd ffmpeg

Press ENTER and you have successfully converted your file to the AVI format!

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