Get media content now – SOLVED

I got an SMS a few days ago with a Get media content now hyperlink. Here's how to view it.

If I press the hyperlink, the text appears to change for a moment like it's downloading something, but then it plays a ding sound and the hyperlink returns.

This is an issue with receiving MMS messages and can be fixed by resetting your cellular network. My phone specifications are given below:

  • Model: HTC T7575 (HTC Arrive)
  • Software: Windows Phone 7.5
  • OS version: 7.10.7720.68
  • Firmware revision number: 2305.13.40301.651

Follow the steps below to fix the issue:

  1. Go to your Settings app.
  2. Select Cellular.
  3. Select Change prl.
  4. Allow your phone a few moments to search for the prl.
  5. After the search is complete, navigate back to the mysterious SMS.
  6. Select the Get media content now hyperlink.

The MMS content should now download, and all is again right in the world of Windows Phone.

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  1. @Jess: It’s probably best to search around for a way to “change prl” or “change network profile” for your phone. It’s possible you have a different phone model or perhaps a different version of the software. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Hello I have had a similar problem, first make sure your phone is getting the text message through your cellular network and not over wifi, you likely are not able to recieve messages over wifi, next go to settings, cellular, and select “data connection” and on. You may also need to check “data roaming options” depending on if your carrier is in your area and limited Wi-Fi connectivity option in case your phone is defaulting to the Wi-Fi and refusing to use cellular. Make sure phone is not doing Wi-Fi calling either.

    @Jess, Cellular settings might help, you should be able to find it settings, make sure you are sliding the settings page up and down there are many options so you scroll through them.

    If this does not work contact your carrier’s help number and see if your phone ask them to guide you in making sure your phone is properly set up to work on their network.

  3. Hi everyone. I have the HTC 8x phone and I am with Sprint. I’ve had this problem since my phone did a Windows update (I am running Windows 8). I searched everywhere in the web for the answer to this issue and I got very frustrated because I could not resolve this issue. One thiing I did discover from this is that I learned that this ‘get media content now’ message was from various people sending group messages via text. Not actual media files, but group text messages.

    This is how I fixed my problem and I discovered this by accident.

    I first went in to settings.
    I went into Cellular. (it is the directory that shows my active network holder, data connection, voice roaming options, etc)
    I went all the way down to Mode selection. I changed it from LTE & CDMA to CDMA. (my windows update must have changed this)

    That was it. All my group messages started coming in. I am also now able to send and receive my media files as attachments too.

    I don’t know if this will help others out there, but I just thought I’d share how i was able to finally resolve this.


  4. Could anybody please send me an easy set of instructions how to install the app ” “get media content now 1KB”
    I don’t understand the computer jargon!
    And do not know if this applies to my computer or
    my mobile phone which is a Nokia 520.
    Please if anyone has an easy answer this problem send it to my email address

  5. @Daniel: Please try the instructions in this blog post. There is no app to install. A number of folks have found their own hacks to work-around this message and have posted them in the comments. Those may help to resolve your issue as well.

  6. Thank you, Yienwae. I have been getting notifications since Sunday. A friend tried sending me pictures and I couldn’t download them. Your advice worked perfectly for me.

    It was so annoying getting those notifications and not being able to do anything about it.

  7. Please help. I have a Nokia 630 phone which I no longer use but contains an important already read text message sent in 2015. This message now reads ‘getting media content’. I have tried all advise on the forums, my phone does not have ‘cellular’ in settings. What do I do?

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