Hacker Bits Cover, October 2016

Hacker Bits, Oct 2016

Simplify and automate.

Here at Hacker Bits, we are big advocates of simplicity. We believe that when the going gets tough, the tough simplifies. When we are snowed under with work, we don’t dream about chucking it all and running away to Hawaii (OK, we do think about that, sometimes). Rather, we simplify and automate.

And as part of our new plan to improve Hacker Bits, we are simplifying the design of the magazine with single columns for easy reading and scrolling. Our eventual goal is to automate the generation of the magazine so that we can speed up the delivery of information to our users. If we succeed, we’ll be able to bring you Hacker Bits weekly instead of monthly!

We are also making bold plans to take Hacker Bits mobile: we’ll be expanding to mobile formats like epub and mobi, so that you can learn more, read less and stay current wherever you go!

And speaking of staying current, don’t miss this month’s most highly-voted article on web scraping. Francis Kim gives us the low-down on this controversial technology and an up-to-date report on the state of web scraping in 2016.

See y’all back here in November!

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