Hacker Bits Cover, June 2016

Hacker Bits, Jun 2016

Hello from sunny (finally!) Redmond!

Can it really be June already?! Time does indeed fly…just ask Adrian Kosmaczewski who shows us how to navigate an industry littered with forgotten technologies and has-beens. Find out more in his blast-through-the-past account of “Life as a developer after 40.”

Curious about Progressive Web Apps? Then don’t miss this issue’s interview with Henrik Joreteg, expert on all things PWA, who gives us the lowdown on this exciting new mobile technology.

As always, our objective at Hacker Bits is to help readers like you learn and grow, and that’s why we are rolling out a new feature called Spotlight where we get tech experts to reveal their professional secrets.

Time is precious so let's dive into another wonderful issue of Hacker Bits!

Peace and plenty of ice cream!

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