Hacker Bits Cover, Issue 12

Hacker Bits, Issue 12

Is interviewing candidates a good way to hire for the tech industry?

Developer Amir Yasin doesn’t think so. In this issue’s most highly-upvoted article, he shows us how to hire the best candidate for the job with 2 innovative ideas.

Who says boring is bad?

Just ask Jason Kester who’d eschewed new shiny tech for boring stacks and found happiness along the way. In this short and enlightening piece, Jason shows us how a boring stack can lead one to developer joy.

If you’ve ever wondered how to be a contributor on GitHub, then look no further than Davide Coppola’s handy tutorial on how to contribute to an open source project on GitHub.

As we wrap up the 12th issue of Hacker Bits, we want to thank you all for reading and offering feedback on improving the magazine. We hope Hacker Bits has helped you stay current on tech, and we look forward to another exciting year where you’ll learn more and read less!

Happy holidays, and see you back here next year!

-Maureen and Ray

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