Hacker Bits, April 2016 Issue

Hacker Bits, Apr 2016

Ah, spring is finally here (in Redmond)... but who’s got time to smell the flowers, right?

In this jam-packed issue of Hacker Bits, we’ve brought in venture capitalist Patrick McGinnis and asked him some hard questions about becoming an entrepreneur on the side while working full-time.

There’s no question that times are tough in Silicon Valley these days, but Heidi Roizen has some solid advice for how startups can stay alive when venture capital dries up. As if life isn’t hard enough for startups, Jeff Atwood shows us how the mentality to hire only the best candidates can be hindering their prospects of getting ahead of the pack.

But no worries, life is not all gloom and doom. Don’t believe us, just check out Alexander Hogue’s hilarious account of how he figured out when his Facebook friends were asleep and awake.

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See y’all next month!

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